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Somewhere is a first person exploration game, set in a surreal Colonial India.

It is a collection of stories about the search for a city that does not exist. A mythical city of storytellers called Kayamgadh.

You navigate these stories by becoming other people and as you shift identities you realize that each person you become is a figment of another character's imagination and a part of yet another story. And in this shifting and fragmented construction Somewhere becomes an exploration of how the perpetuating myth of Kayamgadh tears the reality of the people who are searching for it. It explores the painful process of disillusionment whilst looking through the lens of it's most ardent believers.

Somewhere is currently being developed for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Somewhere : was originally incubated at a games and art residency program at Khoj (Artists association. Delhi. India).  The game is still in early development and our work on the same is currently being supported by the India Foundation for the Arts.

We have released two ancillary builds from Somewhere that explore portions of the Kayamgadh mythology.  Rituals an early experiment with the game's systems of moving through characters and images to unravel a story. And Timruk a peculier storybook and an excerpt from the build we are currently working on.

You can play both of these on our itchio site.



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"Here’s a provocative declaration for you:                                                                                                                                                                 Studio Oleomingus are making the best-looking games in all of videodom right now. "   - Rock Paper Shotgun

“The concept capitalizes on the language of fracture particular to games. A language that speaks so readily to the occupation of identities, and fragmentation of narrative.”  - Kill Screen

"Every glimpse into the world of Somewhere proves infinitely more enchanting than the last."  - Indiegames.com


As Oleomingus we are a two person independent game studio.

Over the past few years of work, we have begun exploring the intersection of literature, colonialism and videogames.  And our work is deeply influenced by our love for the fictions of : Luis Borges, Italo Calvino and Sukumar Ray, or the intrigue of Girish Karnard and Orhan Pamuk, and the worlds of Rudyard Kipling and RK Narayan among many others. 


Dhruv Jani
 Story and Environments

Sushant Charaborty & Kevin Vargas

Salil Bhayani

Austin Ashley
Characters, Animations


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