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The Indifferent Wonder of Edible Places



The Indifferent Wonder of Edible Places.

- project Somewhere.

Perforations turn walls into membranes. They tunnel through form and create soft yielding bodies that absorb. Perforations in memory make history bearable.

The indifferent wonder of edible places, is an examination of the violence of completion. Of complete memory and perforated form. Of edible history and perforated reality. It is a repository that ebbs and flows when explored, and simulates the arduous process of generating meaning from the material dregs of time.

Adapted from a collection of letters written by Mir UmarHassan to his editor at the Malwa Chronicle, documenting the many histories and the many deaths of the town of Matsyapur. The letters were never printed, but were recently  compiled and translated by the historian Jami Gejunath for the Society for Preservation of Obscure Fictions.

The game is an excerpt from a larger project called, Langoors in the Labyrinth, originally created as a commission for the Phoenix gallery. Leicester and later displayed at the Videogame Art Gallery in Chicago at the Notes in the Margins of History exhibition.


Credits :

This project was created as a commission for the Phoenix gallery, Leicester. The game is also a part of project Somewhere, created with support from India Foundation for the Arts & Technicolor.

Displayed at :

Langoors in the Labyrinth : at Phoenix Gallery, Leicester.

Notes in the Margins of History : Videogame Art Gallery, Chicago.

Press :

Part Video Game, Part Art Exhibition, and Entirely Mesmerizing : Garage, Vice.

Studio Oleomingus’ Notes in the Margins of History at VGA Gallery is Immersive, Complex and Beautiful : Third Coast Review